Cheques Cashers
Cheques Cashers

No Bank Account?     Need Cash?     We cash ALL types of cheque instantly.     ID. Required    

Cheques Cashers

Why wait 7 days for your cheque to clear?

Get instant cash for your cheques now

Got a cheque?    No bank account?   No problem!!!
Come to Cheques Cashers and get instant cash for your cheque(s).

If you have a cheque payable to you and you do not have a bank account, we can cash your cheque immediately, subject to provision of acceptable identification.

Wages - Giro - Insurance - Solicitor - Tax rebate

Cheques Cashers Agents can cash all kinds of cheques, including wages cheques, insurance cheques, benefits cheques, tax rebates, and all business cheques payable to an individual person, including cheques crossed and marked "account payee only". We cannot cash any cheque that is made payable to a Limited Company.

Our cheque cashing facility is subject to terms and conditions and we will reserve the right to decline any transaction.

Cheques cashed from only 2%

Our fees for cashing cheques start from as low as 2% of the value of the cheque, making Cheques Cashers one of the most cost effective ways of getting instant cash for your cheques available.

Get instant cash for your cheques now

Why use a cheque cashing service?

There are all sorts of reasons for using a cheque cashing service such as Cheques Cashers to cash your personal cheques. For example, you may elect to use our service because it's fast and we'll cash your cheques for you while you wait. You could have been given a cheque, but do not have your own bank account to pay it into. It may be that you simply do not want to wait the usual 7 days for your cheque(s) to clear. By using our cheque cashing service you get instant access to your money, easily.

Whatever your reason for cashing your cheques, Cheques Cashers can give you cash for your cheques - instantly.

What ID do I need to show to cash a cheque?

To cash a cheque at one of our Cheques Cashers branches, as well as your cheque you will need to bring with you:

  • Proof of signature - passport OR driving licence OR government issue photo ID
  • Proof of address - utility bill or official letter dated within the last 8 weeks

If you have other questions about the identification you will need when presenting your cheque to us for cashing, please contact us during our opening hours and we will gladly help.

Terms of Service

A full set of our terms of trading is available on request - below are the key points:

1.   Cheques Cashers Ltd reserves the right to declined any transaction - cheques will be accepted subject to suitable customer identification being provided and depending on the cheque issuer status.

2.   We cannot cash any cheque without the correct payee identification. All ID must be original documents, photocopies cannot be accepted.

3.   The person who cashes the cheque (The Payee) will be personally responsible for paying Cheques Cashers Ltd the full amount of the cheque if it is returned unpaid.


Cheques Cashers

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